Sunday, November 18, 2012

Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game

Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game

Jumbo sent us the Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game for Miss B. The aim of the game is to be the last pig to stay on the swing. It comes with the fairground ride and 4 different coloured Peppa Pig figures.

The Fairground Ride is really easy to put together. Once the swings and fences have been fixed onto the ride they stay on and the ride fits together to put back in the box. Miss B can put it together with no help from me so she can get it out for her and S to play with whenever she likes.

To play the game, each player picks a figure and places it on a swing. Then players take it in turn to press the red button to spin the ride. When it stops, each player checks to see if their Peppa is above a ‘hop off’ space. If it is, they take off their Peppa and place it by the space they think an empty swing will stop at next. If the player guesses correctly, then their Peppa can hop back on the ride. Players can move to empty swings during the game or swap places with another player if they both want to. The winner is the last Peppa on the ride.

Spin Peppa Spin!

Miss B loves playing this game. It’s so easy and can last a while if players manage to stay on. My two love making the ride spin, and the Peppas stay firmly on the ride when they do so. It also requires no batteries at all, so the game is always ready to play.

The only drawback I’ve found to this game is the price. I think £14.99 is a bit expensive, although you never have to shell out for batteries so this might explain the higher price. I still think the game should be more reasonably priced, say at £9.99.

The Peppa Pig Fairground Ride Game is available from Amazon.

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