Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lego Duplo Photo Safari

6156 Photo Safari

As part of the Lego Duplo Experts 2012 program, we were sent the Photo Safari set to review, and a red Duplo bunny. The set contains everything you need to build a safari scene, including animals, a tent and a plane.

Our Duplo collection is growing, and the Photo Safari set has been a welcome addition. Miss B loves her Duplo, and even though Little S has moved onto Lego, he still loves to play with Duplo too.

The Photo Safari set has animals, figures, a material tent, aeroplane, jeep, fire, kettle. video camera and other bricks to make a tree and riverside. Miss B’s favourites are the crocodile with snapping jaw and the Mummy and baby elephants.

This has been one of our favourite Duplo sets so far. I can honestly say that both S and B have had loads of fun building their own safari and role playing with the figures and animals. They have built huge trees and camps by themselves. We have had loads of fun hiding a person and their video camera behind bushes and trees. The crocodile spends most of his time trying to eat everything and the bridge has doubled as a getaway boat!

Miss B, bunny and Photo SafariLego Duplo Safari Creations

Once again Duplo has given us a toy that is built to last and loads of fun. My only complaint is that I would like to see better instructions with the set as some of the layouts shown have to be made by sight rather than step by step. This frustrates the children more than anything else as they have to try and figure out where all the bricks go. Little S has said he wants a bigger book of instructions to go with the set, and I agree. It would be good to have lots of different variations to aid the children’s imaginations.

You can buy the Lego Duplo Photo Safari set from the Lego website for £49.99.

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