Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Storage with Argos

Argos recently asked me to work with them to create a new look in my home. They gave me a budget and I spent it (quite quickly!) on some lovely storage for the children’s bedroom, along with some other bits and pieces that I will be showing you soon.

Now, I’ve looked on the Argos Pinterest board and I’m not exactly sure why they picked me, as I have no artistic flair when it comes to designing my home (unlike the other bloggers and their lovely home makeovers). I do know practical though, and storage is my thing. If it’s tidy and out of sight then I love it!

You can understand why this makes me cringe every time I see it…

The toys before 

Yes it’s enough toys for a small nursery and of course, even though most of them are in boxes, the children can’t get at them without pulling everything out.

Argos gave us everything we need to sort this lot out – 4 Phoenix 2x2 Cube Storage Units, 2 Phoenix 4 Cube Storage Units and Modular Storage Boxes in Blue and Pink.

It was hard work but I got them made in the end. They are easy to put together but there is a lot of screwing involved which resulted in two big blisters!



I love the finished result. The bigger toys now go on top of the units but I was really surprised at how much the cubes hold. We are moving to a bigger house soon and I know exactly where these will be going in the playroom. The units come with fixings for the walls and to connect the cubes and we will be using these to create a toy storage wall. It’s so easy now for the children to pull out a box of toys to play with and put it back tidily…with a bit of nagging!

Come along to the Argos Pinterest board to see some more home design ideas.

*I was given a budget to spend on Argos home products in return for reviews and pictures for the Argos Pinterest board*

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