Sunday, March 17, 2013

BBC Shop Homeware

Not only do BBC Shop do toys, DVD’s and books, but they also sell products for your home. We received some Good Food cake tins to review.

Good Food Cake Tins - Set of 3

There are three tins in the set. The largest is dark blue and is 10 inches in diameter, with a depth of 4 inches. The medium size is green/teal which is 9 inches diameter and 3 1/2 inches deep. The smallest is in light blue and is 6 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches deep. All of them feature the BBC Good Food logo and a cutlery design.

They’re not the prettiest tins in the world but they are practical and sturdy. I’m always in need of a tin for cakes and biscuits and these do the job perfectly. You can also store the tins inside one another. You can buy the tins from BBC Shop for £16.99.

We also had another product from the Good Food range;the mug that has the same design as the tins.

Good Food Mug with Knife & Fork Design

You can buy the mug for £7.50. I think this is a little pricey for a mug and it would be better to sell the mugs as a set.

Little S found the Deadly 60 Heat Changing Mug in our latest box of BBC Shop goodies. It has a barely visible Great White Shark swimming in the sea on the side that comes to life when the mug contains hot water.

Deadly 60 Heat Changing Mug

The shark picture comes out really well and this is good fun mug for older children. It certainly makes S want more hot chocolate! This mug costs £7.99 which again is a little expensive but at least you’re getting a mug that’s a little bit more exciting!

Visit BBC Shop at and find them on Facebook.

BBC Shop

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  1. Very cute design of the mug and the color used on it..


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