Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lego Home with Argos

Following on from my last post about Argos, we also chose some Lego Home products for Little S’ new bedroom. Our aim is to make it as ‘Legoful’ as possible!

We started with the Lego Duvet Set. Here is what the catalogue picture looks like…

Argos Lego Duvet Set

Here’s what it looks like on an actual little boy’s bed!

Argos Lego Duvet Set

And on the reverse…

Argos Lego Duvet Set

We also got the matching Lego Curtains.

Argos Lego Curtains

And to go with S’ Lego man torch, a Lego Brick Light in blue that can be mounted to a wall. S likes to use his lights in bed to read and play. Miss B has got the red version which we bought after getting this one and liking it so much.

Lego Brick Light Blue

We also got a Lego Storage Head to help store some of the mountain of Lego S has.

Argos Lego Storage Head

Argos Lego Storage Head

I have loads of other stuff planned for the Lego room but we’ve made a great start thanks to Argos. The duvet set is really good quality, as are the curtains. They are both machine washable. The curtains are unlined so we used our own blackout curtains behind them.

The Brick Light seems to last forever! Once we have decorated the room and have put the bed in it’s final place we are going to mount it on the wall. Both of the children use their brick light as a night light.

The Lego Storage head is a fun way to store Lego. You can stack other heads on top and it stores a lot more Lego than I thought (the capacity is 8 litres). We hope to add lots of different Lego storage to the bedroom.

You can see this post on the Argos Pinterest board along with other Blogger’s posts and (much better than mine!) pictures.

*I was given a budget to spend on Argos home products in return for reviews and pictures for the Argos Pinterest board*

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